The next generation of gaming is a complex problem, that all big techs are trying hard to crack. Why does Netflix charge in & how can a Netflix play make a difference?

Arastradero Creek Trail, Palo Alto, CA

Netflix just hired former EA & Oculus exec to make an entry to the war of game streaming, literally “Netflix-of-Gaming”😅. According to its Q2 shareholder letter, it starts to expand into gaming by leveraging its original content, such as Stranger Things to the current paid member base, 209m by focusing on mobile-first. Which makes a lot of sense. And in hindsight, it’s even an inevitable step for Netflix…

🤔 What’ll be a better new normal you want to build? What is the input metric you can control now?

Google Campus Charleston East

What’s new this week for you? For me, I’m lucky to have a choice to work from my office for the 1st time after 1+ year COVID lockdown. To be honest, it took me a half-day to get my desk in a new order & find my way back into the working mode 😅 . But, very worth it. For example, it’s much more fun & even productive to catch up with colleagues face-to-face. And of course, the “free lunch”…

Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, USA

I believe morally and philosophically that not just software, but everything should be open source…” — Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress

I shamelessly claim myself a practical open-source believer, and I don’t even mind being called “secular”. Because I’m just a regular Joe, trying to make a living 😅. But, I do try to pick & even champion the projects I work on to be more open-source friendly. For my “2% pet projects”, they will always be open-source. For example, Android System Development On The Cloud.

It’s sad to see open-source maintainers get stressed out due to poor pay. While…

The evolution of Windows os — meme

Last week, MS announced Windows 11 at 2021 MS Windows Event, a new chapter of a 6-year-old “next chapter”, Windows 10. Will this long-overdue redesign be a renaissance, another Vista glorious fiasco, or just another release to the personal computing market? I’ve my own opinion, what’s yours? While the story is still to be told, there is a surprise addition: running Android apps, curated by Amazon’s appstore in Windows store.

It’s not new as there’ve been many ways to run Android apps on Windows for years. But, there are good reasons for MS to do so, e.g. to play better…

Happy Hour at New England Lobster Market & Eatery, Cowan Road, Burlingame, CA

To my friends who are not going back to the same old life & bravely taking giant leaps, your courage is so inspirational. I wish you the best of luck & enjoy the new journey ⛵️.

Because I’m cheap 😅, I only dare to try little happiness, such as 4DWW by taking Thursdays off in June. Guess what, I’m loving it… mostly because of happy hour 🍻. I plan to continue that in Q3. So I can spend more time on things that are uncomfortable excited to me personally.

Luckily we now can “worry” about returning to the office. I’m…

When I began my physical studies [in Munich in 1874] and sought
advice from my venerable teacher Philipp von Jolly… he portrayed to
me physics as a highly developed, almost fully matured science…- A lecture by Max Planck in 1924, Sci. Am, Feb 1996 p.10

When real life hits Monday morning, it’s easy to be caught up by imminent deadlines & KPIs. Indeed, those are critical managing functions for established & stable businesses. Companies can even do good analytics & feeling very good at “data-driven”. Only they tend to be backward-looking. They are just too good to deal with a…

This week in Apple WWDC21, Xcode Cloud is one more thing bigger than what you think. Allow me to imagine what it can be in the long run, and why I bother a small experimental course: Android System Development (ASD) on the Cloud.

Apple WWDC21 — Introducing Xcode Cloud

Twilight of the Gods

The rising of aircraft carriers is a tale of disruptive innovation. In the 1942 Battle of Midway, the Twilight of the Gods had long begun. In this tale, super battleships were the old doomed gods. For example, the Japanese battleship Yamato is the largest battleship ever built. Such an iconic ship…

Naval Encyclopedia: IJN Fuso battleships

Trade-off intelligently is an art to sustainable innovations. In 1994, Imperial Japanese Navy(IJN) launched the 1st first Japanese-designed dreadnought battleship: Fusō. With 2 big renovations, Fusō has the most impressive pagoda mast of all time, aka a 40m-tall “Christmas tree” 🎄. Unfortunately, it’s not very practical. Not even as a lucky charm when Fusō was sunk by 1 torpedo at its 1st actual combat: Battle of Surigao Strait in 1944.

No doubt, there were many good reasons for IJN continuing to modernize Fusō, e.g. Washington Naval Treaty gave everyone “Battleships Holidays” from 1922. Arguably, even clavier designs packing so much…

Before Internet Explorer took over the 1st browser war, Netscape was the king in the 90s. For those too young to know, it’s the first commercial successful Browser. Which changed the way we access the World Wide Web forever. Marc Andreessen not just co-founded it, but also has many great first-hand successful experiences in tech. So in 2011, Mr. Andreessen wrote “software is eating the world”, everybody listened. Which is a result of SoftWare-Defined(SWD).

Since that, many reframe the quote on other trending technologies such as mobile, Big Data, AI, etc. But generally speaking, we can still take the quote…

GSMA: What’s the impact of mobile telephony on economic growth? 2012

To Nokia’s credit, it used to be the №1 mobile brand. Even a great innovator, who led the feature phone revolution & changed the way of our life forever. Still remember my workdays in the 90s, I spent a lot of time on the road to visit customers around Taiwan. On the road, I could get many things done via phone calls, thanks to 2G service & feature phones. A funny thing was whenever foreign visitors traveling with me, they always joked about how much I like to talk to my phone instead of them. In my defense, it’s just…

Sam Lin

A Taiwanese lives in Silicon Valley since 2014 & has random opinions on some stuff. The opinions shared here are my own, not those of companies I work for.

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