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How could JIT still be relevant in the COVID new normal? If not to waste the chip shortage crisis, what could be the trigger of the car computing revolution?

Just-In-Time(JIT), a core Lean methodology is the gold standard of car manufacturing. But because of the chip shortage under COVID, the classical JIT is blamed as the reason for hurting carmakers. While Toyota learned lessons from the Fukushima disaster in 2011, , but not forever. Now even the king of JIT,

The Innovator’s Solution suggests successful sustaining innovators often systematically mess up chances of disruptive growth. What are common traps, that innovators should stop digging? What is the better “right stuff” for a new venture?

On Sep. 7, 22, a hire surprised the automotive & tech. . It’s a brave move for Field to take such tough challenges. I sincerely wish Field will take Ford to a better Starter Car track & maneuver away from the . So drivers may have real…

The “winter” is coming, but Tesla AI Day is promising. How could this time be different? What can real respectful opponents try?

Recently, more and more people are reckoning that AI may be more hype, less reality. For example, and . In my opinion, it’s just a natural cycle of new technology adoption in business, despite news typically dramatize them. But it does affect the investment into new ventures. Which drives the market selection process, similar to natural selection. At a…

Democracy will be real if there is equity of educational opportunity. What may you help?

Thanks to , I had a great weekend working with high schoolers & a group of fine evangelists “hacking” around 🦾. It’s fun & even fulfilling to coach them went through a full cycle from ideation with crazy 8 & storyboarding, prototyping to pitching in less than 3 days. As we worked great virtually together, I caught a glimpse of the future of work in a better way across the country. But why confines in a country,

Is Product Excellence applicable to startups? What could be the PE mindset & heuristics increasing chances of success for startups?

60 years ago, Toyota rises quickly by making excellent cars at very affordable prices. Today, Toyota is still the gold standard of Product Excellence (PE). However, there are concerns that . Even I still bet Toyota can catch up quickly in the midgame, let’s take a deeper look at PE. Is PE only for an established business? …

What can the Moneyball story inspire a new digital transformation venture? What can a startup adapt the inspiration to take the industry to the next level?

There are crazy ones. When a crisis calls, they dare to challenge common wisdom to take a path forward no one ever tries. Often, they fail. But when a few get really “lucky”, they pave the way & change the industry forever. Moneyball is such a story, when lost 3 star players, Billy Beane did not play the same old game. He adapted new statistical models & turned the team around…

The White House just pulls in the prime time for smarter cars. What are the 2 paradigm shifts that should have been adopted yesterday?

13 years ago, Tesla started to produce Roadster, marking the beginning of the next generation for cars. On Aug. 5, President Biden announced . The U.S. aims & maybe even lead again. This marks the beginning of the mid-game. This hockey stick growth will be driven by

How one small step of Tesla, maybe a leap in accelerating the adoption of Self-Driving. How other “Primes” may join the force to change the way we move.

It’s been 18 months since I switched gear to work on car infotainment systems. While there is still a lot to learn, I start to see better what the future of computing on wheels can be. Or, at least how it in my own opinion. Today, allow me to share a few hypotheses how the crown jewel: Self-Driving may be massively adopted sooner rather than later.

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In July, Tesla switches…

The next generation of gaming is a complex problem. Which a few big techs are trying hard to crack. Why is Netflix charging into the game streaming war? How can a Netflix play make a difference?

Netflix just to make an entry to the war of game streaming, literally “Netflix-of-Gaming”😅. According to its , it starts to expand into gaming to leverage its original content, such as Stranger Things for the current paid member base, 209m by focusing on mobile-first. That makes a lot of sense. …

🤔 What’ll be a better new normal you want to build? What is the input metric you can control now?

What’s new this week for you? For me, I’m lucky to have a choice to work from my office for the 1st time after 1+ year COVID lockdown. To be honest, it took me a half-day to get my desk in a new order & find my way back into the working mode 😅 . But, very worth it. For example, it’s much more fun & even productive to catch up with colleagues face-to-face. And of course, the “free lunch”…

Sam Lin

A Taiwanese lives in Silicon Valley since 2014 & has random opinions on some stuff. The opinions shared here are my own, not those of companies I work for.

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