This week in Apple WWDC21, Xcode Cloud is one more thing bigger than what you think. Allow me to imagine what it can be in the long run, and why I bother a small experimental course: Android System Development (ASD) on the Cloud.

Apple WWDC21 — Introducing Xcode Cloud

Twilight of the Gods

The rising of aircraft carriers is a tale of disruptive innovation. In the 1942 Battle of Midway, the Twilight of the Gods had long begun. In this tale, super battleships were the old doomed gods. For example, the Japanese battleship Yamato is the largest battleship ever built. Such an iconic ship…

Naval Encyclopedia: IJN Fuso battleships

Trade-off intelligently is an art to sustainable innovations. In 1994, Imperial Japanese Navy(IJN) launched the 1st first Japanese-designed dreadnought battleship: Fusō. With 2 big renovations, Fusō has the most impressive pagoda mast of all time, aka a 40m-tall “Christmas tree” 🎄. Unfortunately, it’s not very practical. Not even as a lucky charm when Fusō was sunk by 1 torpedo at its 1st actual combat: Battle of Surigao Strait in 1944.

No doubt, there were many good reasons for IJN continuing to modernize Fusō, e.g. Washington Naval Treaty gave everyone “Battleships Holidays” from 1922. Arguably, even clavier designs packing so much…

Before Internet Explorer took over the 1st browser war, Netscape was the king in the 90s. For those too young to know, it’s the first commercial successful Browser. Which changed the way we access the World Wide Web forever. Marc Andreessen not just co-founded it, but also has many great first-hand successful experiences in tech. So in 2011, Mr. Andreessen wrote “software is eating the world”, everybody listened. Which is a result of SoftWare-Defined(SWD).

Since that, many reframe the quote on other trending technologies such as mobile, Big Data, AI, etc. But generally speaking, we can still take the quote…

GSMA: What’s the impact of mobile telephony on economic growth? 2012

To Nokia’s credit, it used to be the №1 mobile brand. Even a great innovator, who led the feature phone revolution & changed the way of our life forever. Still remember my workdays in the 90s, I spent a lot of time on the road to visit customers around Taiwan. On the road, I could get many things done via phone calls, thanks to 2G service & feature phones. A funny thing was whenever foreign visitors traveling with me, they always joked about how much I like to talk to my phone instead of them. In my defense, it’s just…

NVIDIA is doubling down on 3 big rocks: gaming, cloud & crypto. Lucky NVIDIA, which also has 3 interesting edges: new PC, smarter car & micro data center. Where NVIDIA may change the computing landscape as we know it.

Springer Open: on the origin of innovations - 3 dimensions of opportunity vacuum

Dawn of New PC Era

As we speak, old PC giants are waking up after seeing Apple’s big wins on MacBook &, etc. with M1, ARM SoC. This time, it may be really different for NVIDIA.

According to IDC, PC shipment grows 55% in Q1 2021 & Apple is banking it huge with the largest growth, 111%. Apple’s new “reinvention”: powering MacBook & iPad with its…

Tulip Mania may be an inevitable end of the Dutch Golden Age. But arguably, it also funded or accelerated many innovations for trading & social changes. Of cause, the fallout is always more painful when it goes higher. But call me a hopeless optimist, many “Tech Manias” also accelerate fundamental changes for the long run.

In economics, a similar concept is called spillover: an event that occurs because of something else in an unrelated context. Just as a new tech created in one mania may be retooled in other industries, applications & even future innovations. There are many more exaptation

In 1987, I became an Intel customer because my first computer: PC-XT was Intel inside with an 8088 CPU. In 2012, I approved Lava Xolo X900, the 1st Intel inside x86 smartphone is Android compatible, And later I closely observed Tag Heuer Intel Inside smartwatch comes & goes. Even at that time, I was a minority worrying about the suitability of Intel’s plan to abandon smartphones & focus on wearable. Today, let’s check how Intel may make consumer computing better for the next decade with the new CEO, the new IDM 2.0 strategy & the new business for smarter cars…

Just got my COVID-19 vaccine this week & the journey was spuriously smooth. Strongly recommend getting yours as early as possible & keep wearing a mask. So the “spring loaded actual” will be sooner 🙏.

Now, as we are staying healthily in the best way we can, let’s take a look the Apple event this week. Why it’s almost the “M1 inside” event 🧐. How Apple’s secret sources could work🤫, and what could an inspiration be for smarter cars🤔.

Apple’s Tanegashima (gun) — M1

iMac & iPad Pro M1 Revision @Apple Event — April 20,2021

New iMac & iPad Pro are joining the M1 club…

“Apple suffered for several years from … lousy engineering management. I have to say it. And there were people that were going off in eighteen different directions, doing arguably interesting things in each one of them. Good engineers, lousy engineering management. The farm that’s been created with all these animals going in different directions and it dosen’t add up. The total is less than the sum of the parts.” — Steve Jobs, Apple WWDC 1997

Back in my Aussie days, my 1st graduate essay on management almost drove me craze 🤯 because I got back to school after making a…

🔪Bring a knife to a gunfight seldom ends well for the knife person 🔫. Besides sword masters 🥷, it’s better not to take Self-Drivings car as a “PC business” 😉.

Easy for me to say, the question is how. Obviously, a “good” strategy has to be different for each player to fit better for their unique context. Nevertheless, there could be a few useful heuristics: pursuing adjacent opportunities, moving forward Toyota Kata style, working backward with clarity & redefining business boundaries.

Key Transformation Stages, Based on Digital technology and social change from Hibert, M.

Pursue Adjacent Opportunities

There have been many theories that suggest innovations at the edge have a better chance to disrupt. In the…

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