• Sar Yang

    Sar Yang

  • Sarat Chandra

    Sarat Chandra

  • Veit Hailperin

    Veit Hailperin

    Veit Hailperin is a systemic solution-oriented coach and organisational developer with focus on the 4 day work week #4dww.

  • Lanasimpson


  • Steven Zhang

    Steven Zhang

  • Anupam Kundu

    Anupam Kundu

    Polymath: dad, co-founder, strategist, Computer Vision enthusiast, visual thinker and dog lover.

  • skubotics


    Kolkata's finest in the field of Internet Of Things(IOT), Embedded Systems, PCB Fabrication, 3D Printing, Aeromodelling.

  • Sumanth Mara

    Sumanth Mara

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