Thanksgiving — 2022

Sam Lin
2 min readNov 25, 2022

Dear readers, happy holidays. Especially at such a tough time, celebrating holidays may be helpful. At least, it’s a break to come back stronger with a fresh mind. No matter what, we always have another choice. There is always something we can do to make things a bit better. Even counterintuitive, thanksgiving can be a powerful force. The choice is yours if & how to use that force 😉.

Juan Bautista de Anza Trail, Palo Alto, California

Thank you for reading

It’s year 2 of sharing my random thoughts on Medium. It generates $48 USD. Even very little, I’m grateful. And, good job to you all still reading 😉. In the spirit of giving back, I donated them ($104 actually) to Wikimedia. So, keep reading. 2022 earnings

1 thing at a time

From Code Next — Winter 2022, I was lucky to work with coach Li, the founder of 1 Thing Against Racism ( It’s a non-profit in response to the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes. I like they are raising awareness by making the news & stats universally available because nothing speaks louder than data. The call to action is also inspiring because anyone may find 1 of their own thing to help. So, what could be the 1 thing for you?

Full Disclosure

The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company. They are mostly extrapolations from public information. I don’t have insider knowledge of those companies, nor a whatever expert. Up to you to take it with a grain of salt or two 😉.



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