What’s Your “Super App” Strategy?

Source: FT The ‘operating system for everyday life’. Psst! FT, “Platform” is a better analogy than “OS”.

What Is A Super App?

Convenience Store Analogy

goo.gl/maps/KSaT8rDPVykbbidq6, 7–11 @ high altitude: 2.2 km

Customer Adoption — The Real Secret Source

Super App Virtuous Cycle

Grow The Utility & Connect The Dots

  1. The distribution problem is not a thing for Alipay because of its dominance in mobile payment with 54.5% of transactions in Q3 2019. While others working hard to acquire merchants, all merchants rush to join Alipay ecosystem because they’re afraid to miss out on business. This gives Alipay a very strong bargain power of suppliers.
  2. With full control of its payment end-to-end UX, process & risk factors, Alipay moved fast on mobile payment innovations, such as adding NFC & QR code support. These make mobile payments super easy everywhere. Sometimes even fun e.g. the digital HongBao(lucky money) war. Naturally, the transition to cash-free & convergence of online + offline worlds were accelerated.
  3. Eventually, to connect the dots, Alipay opened its door & made it easier to create Mini-Apps for 3rd parties. It’s not only lowering the barrier for SMBs, those who can not even afford to build their own apps. But, it also increases the convenience to users & its payment utility. So guess what, users spend more time on the app because they can do their jobs easily there. Which feeds into its virtuous cycle.
Source: Critical User Journeys: How Google product teams react when growth slows

How May It Work For You?

  1. Focus on enhancing your core utility functions & usability to grow the user base first. In the digital economy, you need to be №1 or 2. If it’s not possible in your current big pond, try to target a smaller pond. Better yet, redefine your own pond if you have a strong heart.
  2. Mindfully explore your Critical User Journeys & expanding to adjacent Jobs to Be Done, e.g. by time, place, people, etc. domains.
  3. Build the facility to make it easier for your target partners. So, they will come to your “platform”, because it’s beneficial to them too.
Source: Alipay @ Play Store

One More Trick

Full Disclosure




A Taiwanese lives in Silicon Valley since 2014 & has random opinions on some stuff. The opinions shared here are my own, not those of companies I work for.

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Sam Lin

Sam Lin

A Taiwanese lives in Silicon Valley since 2014 & has random opinions on some stuff. The opinions shared here are my own, not those of companies I work for.

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